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Some of our more interesting projects

ATM PitBull advanced security system

An Arduino programmable microcontroller, a Telit cell phone module, two sirens and a backup battery encased in an armored enclosure make up this text messaging, internet connected advanced security system.

Security System Marketing Web Site

Heavily branded color coordinated front end web site using animated effects intended to enhance marketing efforts for the ATM PitBull advanced security system.

Security System Maintenance Web Site

User restricted and branded web site complete with database backend used to configure the ATM PitBull advanced security system's operational settings, log alarm activity and record suggested response activities pertaining to security alert situations.

Security System Device QA Analyzer

An Arduino programmable microcontroller using a touch sensitive color LCD screen wired to a custom harness to provide comprehensive QA operations to verify functionality on the production line or in a servicing environment for the ATM PitBull advanced security system.

QA Stress testing Application

Comprehensive data tracking solution to log testing data during long term heat stress and vibration testing of optical fiber components in an ISO 9000 environment.

Optical Fiber Fusion Station control application

Application to operate an optical fiber component manufacturing station which utilizes 6 axis motion controllers, 50 w IR heating LASER and up to 3 signaling LASER detectors. The application also record and log operational details in an ISO 9000 environment.

Service Shop Management Application

Management application to track inventory, estimates, equipment location, status and service history for commercial computer service businesses.

Real Estate and Property Management Application

Application to track multiple properties, leases, maintenance costs, legal issues and status for real estate management investment groups.

OCR document workflow application

OCR application to scan and process paper health claim forms eliminating the need to digitize them by retyping and increasing throughput by over 300%.