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Windows Client/Server

We can provide custom Windows PC applications built to run on tablets, laptops and desktop machines. The applications can include a secure log in requirement to keep your data safe and also provide logging to track any changes made to the data. These applications can be data collection and storage tools, provide reporting tools allowing a convenient means to visualize your data, a batch processing tool or something totally different. No matter the application type, it will be developed using solid programming methods and modern tools. The end result will be a focused and valuable business tool you can count on. The application can be PC based or Server based depending on your specific needs.

Just the right amount of features

When you only want a screwdriver, don't purchase a complete master mechanics set of tools. Some applications are packed with numerous features, many you will never use. Feature packed applications are time consuming and expensive to build. You can always add another simple app to your toolbox when you need it. It's also easier to determine what it has to do, which makes the building process quicker. We encourage the reduced feature set approach to stocking your business app toolset but we aren't limited to that.